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Shanerica & Hylee | Maternity session in the Arizona desert

What place more perfect for your baby moon than Arizona? Shanerica and Hylee are originally from Georgia but they flew to the desert to enjoy their baby moon and they reached out to me to take their maternity photos while they were in town.

Funny thing that they initially planned for us to take the photos at their resort in Scottsdale, but there was a wedding going on that particular day so we had to find another place. I suggested this desert spot on the South of the town and although it was a drive for them, they trusted me completely.

If you know AZ, you know that the desert can get really hot, but on that day the weather was just *chef kiss*. They were perfect, the light was perfect and we just had the most beautiful and fun maternity session.

Funny story: I asked them if they are going to have a boy or a girl and they told me that they are going to wait until birth to find out, which left me speechless. That's so amazing and exciting and I can not wait to find out!

Mom & Dad


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